CloudCore: 30 features of CloudCore

Here are the top 30 features of CloudCore listed and explained:

  • Cloud-based Platform: CloudCore is a cloud-based platform for building and deploying enterprise systems, which enables users to access the system from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Workflow Automation: With CloudCore's workflow automation capability, developers can create complex business processes that automate manual tasks and streamline operations.
  • API Integration: CloudCore allows developers to integrate with a variety of APIs and services, making it easy to connect and extend existing systems.
  • Role-Based Access Control: With CloudCore's role-based access control, developers can define specific roles and permissions for different users, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.
  • Customizable Dashboards: CloudCore's customizable dashboards allow users to create and view reports and KPIs that are relevant to their business needs.
  • Automated Testing: With CloudCore's automated testing capability, developers can test their applications and systems quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and cost of testing.
  • Document Management: CloudCore provides a comprehensive document management system, which enables users to track, manage, and store documents securely and efficiently.
  • Real-Time Analytics: CloudCore's real-time analytics capability enables users to gain insights and make informed decisions based on real-time data.
  • Data Management: With CloudCore's data management capabilities, developers can collect, store, and use data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.
  • Business Rules Engine: CloudCore's business rules engine allows developers to define complex business rules and automate decision-making processes.
  • Scalable Architecture: CloudCore's scalable architecture enables developers to scale their applications and systems as their business grows.
  • Mobile App Development: CloudCore enables developers to build mobile apps that can run on any device, with native capabilities and offline functionality.
  • Automated Deployment: With CloudCore's automated deployment capability, developers can deploy their applications and systems quickly and easily, reducing the time and cost of deployment.
  • High Availability: CloudCore's high availability capability ensures that systems are always available and accessible, even in the event of hardware or software failure.
  • API Extension Development: CloudCore allows developers to extend the platform's existing APIs and create custom APIs to meet specific business needs.
  • Platform Integration: With CloudCore's platform integration capabilities, developers can integrate with a variety of platforms and systems, enabling seamless data exchange and communication.
  • Security Tokens: CloudCore provides security tokens for authentication and secure data transmission, ensuring that data is protected at all times.
  • Scheduled Tasks: CloudCore's scheduled tasks enable developers to automate routine tasks and processes, reducing the time and cost of manual intervention.
  • Azure Services Integration: CloudCore is integrated with Azure services, such as Azure Storage, Azure Service Bus, and Azure Compute, enabling developers to utilize these services in their applications and systems.
  • Custom Queries: With CloudCore's custom queries capability, developers can create custom filters for tasks and other data, enabling users to view and analyze data in new ways.
  • Out-of-the-Box Features: CloudCore comes with many out-of-the-box features and functionalities, which developers can utilize without additional installation or configuration.
  • Highcharts Integration: CloudCore integrates with Highcharts, enabling developers to create charts and KPIs quickly and easily.
  • Google Maps Integration: CloudCore integrates with Google Maps, enabling developers to utilize Google Maps in their applications and systems.
  • Email Integration: CloudCore integrates with various email services, such as SMTP, Exchange, and Office365, enabling developers to send emails from their applications and systems.
  • SMS Integration: CloudCore integrates with various SMS services, such as Clickatell and SMS Portal, enabling developers to send SMS messages from their applications and systems.
  • Push Notifications: CloudCore integrates with Firebase, enabling developers to send push notifications to mobile applications connected to the system
  • Scheduling: CloudCore allows developers to configure and develop scheduled tasks for any process. The workflow engine will execute those at the configured time. This feature can be utilized to automate routine tasks and improve productivity.
  • Integration: CloudCore supports integration with a variety of external systems and services, including Azure Cognitive Services, Email (SMTP/Exchange/Office365), SMS - SA Market (Clickatell/SMS Portal), Push Notifications (Firebase), Highcharts (for charting & KPI’s), Pastel – SA Market (Financial System), Google Maps, and Microsoft Excel. This feature enables developers to extend the functionality of their applications by integrating with external systems and services.
  • Document Workflow Automation: CloudCore provides document management functionality that allows for the automatic tracking of documents via document types and data relating to each document. It also allows for the creation of document IDs in the form of QR or barcodes with each document, which can be used to re-associate scanned versions of a document to the original business-specific data. This feature can be utilized to automate document workflows and improve efficiency.
  • Exception Handling: CloudCore automatically traps, logs, and reports on any exceptions that happen unhandled behind the scenes while running on any environment. For reporting purposes, each system will automatically notify the developers of the final system via email of any exception with as much detail as can be gained from this exception. This feature ensures a fast turnaround time for developers to fix and resolve any issues the final system might have after deployment to any stage (Develop, Test, UAT, Live). It can be utilized to improve system reliability and reduce downtime.

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